Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

In Apple’s recently announced first-quarter results for fiscal 2020, the iPhone model series performed strongly, accounting for 61% of Apple’s overall revenue. That’s thanks, of course, to the newly released iPhone 11 series, especially the entry-level iPhone 11, which is one of Apple’s rare price-performance models in recent years compared to the luxury pricing it once had.

Unsurprisingly, Apple will still make a big splash on entry models in 2020: not only will the new iPhone SE be released in the spring, but it also looks set to continue the price-performance route of the iPhone 12’s entry model at the fall launch. Although the iPhone 12 will introduce the entire line to 5G, it will have to wait until September. Is the new iPhone worth the wait? This article will take you through the exact.

01 iPhone 9

The new iPhone 9 model, or “iPhone SE2,” will have a similar design to the iPhone 8, retaining the forehead, chin and Touch ID Home keys, and will continue with the rear-facing single-camera scheme. Because it is so similar to the iPhone 8, it is now widely believed that it will be named the iPhone 9.

Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

Elsewhere, the new iPhone 9 has a 4.7-inch screen size and is still LCD-made, comes with the same A13 bionic chip as the iPhone 11 series, supports up to 4G, features 3GB of LPDDR4X memory, and will remove the 3D Touch, built-in 2000mAh battery, It also supports IP68-level waterproofing and wireless charging, with Lightning cable.

Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

In addition, in terms of color matching, the machine will offer a choice of dark space ash, white and red colors.

Most importantly, the new iPhone 9 will include at least 64GB/128GB versions, of which the 64GB version is expected to sell for $399 (about RMB2,740), while the 128GB version is expected to sell for $449 to $499 (rmb 3,080 to 3,420).

It can be said that for small-screen mobile phone enthusiasts, or the iPhone 6 series of senior users, and even want to use the iPhone 12 before the release of the transition, the a13 bionic chip performance will not be disappointing, and the price of 3,000, is still very much to look forward to.

02 iPhone12

It is understood the iPhone 12 will have four models, including the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch iPhone 12, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro, but there will be some changes in the overall look.

Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

The next generation of the iPhone 12 series is expected to return to the sharp design of the iPhone 4, with the new iPhone’s screen edge handling changing from the current 2.5D glass to a straight-panel shape, making it more tech-tech. At the same time, the body will be thinner, with the 6.7-inch model’s iPhone about 7.4mm thicker and about 10% thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

At the same time, it can be seen that the iPhone’s notch has been retained, while the length further reduced, it seems that Apple still adheres to the 3D structure of the light module facial recognition. In addition, Apple will add a “saffron” color scheme to the 2020 iPhone 12 series.

Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

On the core hardware, the iPhone 12 series will use Apple A14 processor, performance is still strong. It is reported that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be upgraded to 6GB of running memory. What’s more, the iPhone 12 is fully 5G supported, with Qualcomm’s 5G baseband X55.

According to the source, Apple will make the iPhone 12 series divided into 5G-supported Sub-6GHz or mmWave 5G-enabled versions, depending on the country.

Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

It’s not hard to see that the iPhone 12 series, both in size and overall design, can be said to continue the iPhone 11 style, of course, the iPhone 12 series will upgrade the Face ID, with a new ToF lens, resulting in faster recognition speed, But the 5G and the more powerful A14 chip will be the biggest features of the new iPhone family.

Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

Sources say the overall cost of the new Apple iPhone 12 will increase by about $40-$80 this year, but the entry-level version will continue the iPhone 11’s personal price.

Is 03 5G iPhone worth waiting?

First, from a hardware perspective, the A14 bionics will be using TSMC’s 5nm process, equipped with Qualcomm’s latest X55 baseband, supporting dual-mode 5G networks, Sub-6GHz and mmWave (mmWave) technology.

Mehdi Hosseini, an analyst at Susquehanna, said Apple’s 5G iPhone would be launched in two phases, with the sub-6GHz model to be launched in September and the mmWave model to be available in December or January.

But for now alone, 5G has long been standard for android, and users who enjoy 5G speed are not in the minority. For first- and second-tier cities, the laying of 5G has also begun to bear fruit, or in the construction planning. In 5G applications, Apple’s fall launch point can be said not too early.

Although time is not timely, the iPhone 12’s A14 bionic will use TSMC’s 5nm process to integrate about 12.5 billion transistors in an area of 85 square millimeters for higher performance and lower power consumption. In addition, the A14’s self-developed GPU is expected to have a 50% performance improvement, and apple’s A14 processor is really scary in terms of actual computing power.

Is the 2020 Apple New Machine Exposure Summary 5G iPhone Worth Waiting?

Coupled with the iPhone 12 Pro will carry 6GB of storage, while the A14 is also the first mobile device to support hardware coding and reconciliation, which will greatly improve the phone’s shooting and processing level. It’s fair to say that the new iPhone is still impeccable on the hardware level.

Late 5G and undisputed strong performance may be the biggest change to the new iPhone. The iPhone may not be innovative enough compared to the fixes around face ID and appearance. In particular, the Android camp has repeatedly introduced new technologies such as high refresh rates, 100-megapixel, fast-charging and virtual buttons, and the iPhone is likely to be “behind” more than once.

Especially recently iOS is also frequently criticized, since the launch of iOS 13, almost every update is in the error repair, although the system caused by the battery, heat, signal, kill the background and other issues in the recent updates have improved, but compared to Android, iOS in the stability seems to have a hard advantage, At the same time, the gap between Android and iOS is narrowing further, which is clearly not good news for the iPhone.

Of course, the final decision factor is also the price of the new iPhone, the price, the industry chain in the latest news mentioned, added support for the 5G network after Apple’s new iPhone price has a rising trend, of which the most expensive model may be more than 13,000 yuan. Excellent performance with 5G networks is the biggest selling point of this new iPhone, and for most users, the lack of innovative iPhones may not be worth waiting.