Owen Wilson joins Marvel’s ‘Rocky’ co-star

Owen Wilson will join the Marvel series Rocky, playing an important role that has not yet been made public,media reported. Owen Wilson’s arrival may mean more comedy for the remake.

Owen Wilson joins Marvel's 'Rocky' co-star

Late last year, “Shakes” Tom Hiddleston shared a team photo of Rocky, including him and director Kate Herron and executive producer Kevin White, announcing the show’s official launch.

Kevin Fethchi has previously mentioned that his role in the Marvel series will likely continue to appear in future Marvel productions. So every new actor who joins the Marvel universe now may be responsible in the future.

Owen Wilson’s masterpieces include “Shanghai Noon” “Midnight Paris” “The Wonderful Night of the Museum” and other works in recent years include the voiceover of “Miracle Boy” and “Racing Total Mobilization 3”.

“Rocky” will be released in the spring of 2021 at Disney Plus, and the plot is directly linked to “Dr. Strange 2,” which was released in May of the same year.