Chinese Academy of Engineering: Double Yellow Lian is not targeted for new coronaviruses

On January 31, Shanghai Drug Institute and Wuhan Virus Institute jointly released that the study found that double yellow even oral fluid can inhibit the new coronavirus, the message quickly brush the screen. Overnight, the major pharmacies, e-commerce platform shuanglian oral liquid was snapped up. Does double yellow even oral solution really work for the new coronavirus? CCTV this morning (February 1) contacted the central steering group medical team experts, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zhang Boli, for answers.

Chinese Academy of Engineering: Double Yellow Lian is not targeted for new coronaviruses

Zhang Boli said that double yellow even oral liquid is a common Chinese medicine, the main ingredients are gold and silver flowers, jaundice, even three flavor of Chinese medicine, with the role of detoxification of heat. If the double-yellow even oral solution has the effect of anti-new coronavirus, then the three ingredients of the drug has this effect, containing these three ingredients of the drug there are many.

Previous studies have found that these drugs have broad-spectrum antiviral effects, and even anti-bacterial effects. However, no formal clinical studies have been conducted on the new coronavirus. Everyone expects special effects, but it will take time. These traditional Chinese medicine can only play a role in regulating the state of the body, the (new coronary) virus is not targeted, this must be noted.

Zhang also said that double yellow lian has been a relatively good commonly used drug, clinically used for detoxification, but also very commonly used. However, whether it is injection or oral fluid, there are some adverse reactions, although not many, but there are, so can not be used blindly, it is best to use under the guidance of a doctor.

As early as january 20 afternoon, in response to the “new coronary virus infection pneumonia epidemic” related to prevention and control of the situation, the National Health and Reform Commission high-level expert group leader Zhong Nanshan, etc. in response to reporters’ questions, has pointed out: the new coronavirus infection pneumonia has no special drugs.

On 29 January, the World Health Organization’s recommendation on the new coronavirus: “To date, there have been no drugs specifically designed to prevent and treat the new coronavirus. “