Study finds rose smell has some peculiar power

The ability to learn and preserve information through simple scents is clearly a very real possibility, and a new study published in Scientific Reports shows that the smell of roses has some peculiar power. In the study, scientists conducted experiments with more than 50 sixth-graders and divided them into groups. Both groups were taught the same language shortly before going to bed. A group was instructed to put a rose on their desk during study, while the control group did not have a particular aroma.

Individual tests are assigned to these students to complete the vocabulary test based on the information they learn. Results a fairly strong link was established between learning and higher information retention under the rose scent, with an average increase of about 30 percent for students who used spices during study and sleep.

“In addition to the ground-breaking preliminary findings, there is a special finding that perfumes can also work when they exist all night,” study co-author Dr. J?rgen Kornmeier said in a statement. This led us to find that the rose scent was suitable for everyday use. “

In other words, by sleeping with nearby roses, you can actually enhance your brain’s ability to learn, allowing you to retain more information you might learn during the day.

“Our research shows that this can make learning easier during sleep,” Kornmeier explains. “Who would have thought that our noses could go a long way in that respect. “

Study finds rose smell has some peculiar power