The most recently updated Windows 10 File Explorer still has bugs

Microsoft has previously made Windows 10 cumulative update KB4532695 available as an optional update for consumers and businesses that fixes multiple errors in File Explorer. Depending on the change log, an optional update to Windows 10 fixes an issue that corrupts the file manager search bar. Users who find these issues report that the search bar can still freeze for long periods of time while using it, and file explorer’s new search experience prevents users from right-clicking on the contents of the search bar.

The most recently updated Windows 10 File Explorer still has bugs

The most recently updated Windows 10 File Explorer still has bugs

Although Microsoft addressed both of these issues affecting the file browser and control panel, there are still problems with the new search experience. For example, you must click twice to reset the location where the tag was inserted and enter a search query.

Although Microsoft says right-click support is enabled, the search box cannot right-click on the bar until you right-click to activate it. The new search bar also has an error, namely, advanced query syntax keywords, operators and filters that are no longer highlighted in blue.

The unified search experience is still a mess, and things don’t seem to get any better until the 20H1 update for Windows 10 is released.

Microsoft is not aware of many of the problems with file manager, and there does not seem to be any workaround. If you have installed Windows 10 November 2019 Update, you must accept the possibility of problems with the file manager and control panel.

The November 2019 update for Windows 10 is available to more users through Windows Update, but will not be automatically installed unless you are using the October 2018 update. If you are not ready to use the trouble with File Manager, you can delay the November 2019 update at any time.

As with every cumulative update, KB4532695 itself is a troublemaker and is now known to cause BSOD, audio issues, TPM, and other issues on some systems.