Microsoft is tweaking Windows 10 Chrome audio and scrolling

Microsoft has finally got a browser that users can use comfortably, and the software giant is making a positive contribution to the Chromium platform, according tomedia. The work has helped Both Edge and Chrome, while the company is making other improvements. Microsoft is understood to have been developing a “percentage” -based roller on Windows 10 Chromium.

Microsoft is tweaking Windows 10 Chrome audio and scrolling

Microsoft says Chromium-based browsers such as Crhome convert one click of a wheel into a fixed pixel value. On Windows, a mouse wheel ticks the equivalent of 100 pixels, creating problems on smaller scroll blocks.

According to Microsoft, Chrome’s current implementation will scroll through the viewport of most of the visible content, which can be annoying.

In its latest submission, Microsoft revealed that its team has ported scroll bars similar to EdgeHTML and converted each bar into a percentage. The result is an appropriate scrolling distance regardless of the size of the scroll you are facing.

It is reported that the submission has been merged into Chromium, the future can be implemented in Google Chrome.

Audio improvements

Microsoft is developing support for the “Audio Category” of the MediaSteam API, which will improve audio quality during calls, meetings, chat rooms, team chats, and more. As for the audio category, Microsoft says it will allow developers to specify audio streams for users and improve audio quality.

It is understood that the solution was inspired by the audio streaming category provided by Windows. These categories allow developers to specify what kind of audio stream the user needs. For example, when voice is enabled, the operating system optimizes the flow of input slots of that type.

Microsoft added: “The audio category is an additional proposal for the MediaStream API, which allows websites to access audio streams that match a specific category. “