India’s air pollution is severe: Health minister recommends eating more carrots

On November 4th foreign media reported that air pollution in Delhi, India, had become more severe, with pollution levels already 10 times higher than safety lines. It is reported that parts of Delhi PM10 index reached 999, PM2.5 index as high as 777, pollution level has exceeded the safety line more than 10 times. 4 was the worst air pollution and worst air quality in New Delhi in the past three years.


It is understood that the haze in Delhi, India is the result of industrial emissions, agricultural combustion, traffic emissions, although a series of policies have been issued, but India’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare Harsh Vardhan is still broken, many times in The Twitter posts to provide advice on how to deal with air pollution.

On November 2nd Minister Harsh issued a message saying that cooking oil would exacerbate the health risks of air pollution. Eating home-cooked dishes such as rice and vegetables can slow down symptoms of air pollution-related diseases.

On November 3rd Minister Harsh wrote that eating carrots would help to obtain via, potassium, etc., which could prevent night blindness. It also helps to fight other health damage associated with air pollution.

Harsh also sent a message advising people not to season with salt, as vegetables and fruits already contain salt. He also advises people to eat cross-legged, saying that people don’t overeat in this position.

But the Indian public does not seem to be buying it, accusing the health minister of being absurd.

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