Western Digital Corp releases enterprise-class TLC SSD: max 15.36TB, tank-class life

Western Digital (WD) today released the new Enterprise-Class SSD UltraStar DCSS540, which uses TLC NAND flash memory, but life and reliability are top-of-the-line presences and have been praised by foreign media as “tank-class.” The hard drive is in a 2.5-inch standard form, 15mm thick, interface d’itise SAS 12Gbps, third-generation 96-tier stacked 3D TLC flash memory with a capacity of nine, including 800GB, 1.6TB, 3.2TB, 6.4TB support 3 times a day (leaving enough redundancy space), 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB, 7.68TB, 15.36TB support 1 full write per day.

Supports 7×24 non-stop operation, with an average failure interval of 2.5 million hours, with a 5-year warranty.

西数发布企业级TLC SSD:最大15.36TB、坦克级寿命

In terms of performance, continuous reading 1985-2130MB/s, continuous write 1024-2109MB/s, more critical to enterprise-level applications of random performance, random reading 237000-470000 IOPS, random write 88133-240000 IOPS.

Price? Enterprise-class products at any time open prices, but certainly more expensive than expected.

西数发布企业级TLC SSD:最大15.36TB、坦克级寿命

西数发布企业级TLC SSD:最大15.36TB、坦克级寿命

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