AMD clarifies “Horse armor” storm, confirms launch of new RDNA2 architecture graphics card this year

In the last quarter’s earnings report, AMD’s biggest contributor to a 50 percent increase in revenue was clearly the Ryzen series processor, which Radeon graphics didn’t specify, but the RX 5000 series graphics shipping was a double-digit increase. In a earnings call, AMD CEO Su Zifeng also reiterated that a new graphics card would be introduced in 2020, but Su’s use of a word nearly scared A rice.

In response to analysts’ questions, Su said AMD will launch the RDNA architecture graphics card in 2019, and “in 2020 you’ll see these product lines refresh” – the original text is be refreshed, the word is the meaning of refresh, update.

But in terms of players, the word refresh is not the same, because in the past graphics card and even CPU history, refresh means that it is a vest, the original graphics card can be sold as a new card, especially AMD in the past two years on the RX 480, RX 580 and other graphics cards.

So when Su said that the 2020 graphics card is refresh upgrade, the word in a meal caused a strong reaction, there are fears that AMD this year will be the RX 5000 series of graphics back packaging, shake into the RX 6000 series, at best, is to increase the frequency.

What’s the truth? Everyone is worried, Tomshardware website to ask AMD for proof, confirmed that Suma said is actually referring to a new generation of graphics cards, that is, 7nm plus process RDNA2 graphics card.

According to previous news, AMD is expected to formally announce the next generation of GPUs for the RDNA2 architecture at a March 5 meeting of financial analysts, and Mithun Chandrasekhar, head of Radeon’s product line, stressed that their new card would rewrite the 4K game.