Epic Games Store exposes DRM vulnerability once again Players can play all games without spending money

As we all know, Epic Games Store relies on low shares and huge exclusive fees, and has won the first rights to a number of game masterpieces, such as “The Outer Worlds” “Borderlands 3” and so on. But in fact, the Epic Games Store still has many shortcomings, and recently WILLian Worrall, a security researcher at CCN, exposed another vulnerability in The Epic Games Store: players can play without barriers even if they have not purchased a game.

Epic商城再次曝出DRM漏洞 玩家不花钱就能玩所有游戏

Willian Worrall says that as long as you board an account that has purchased a game, you can download it on any device and sign up for an account that doesn’t buy another game, without affecting the launch of the game or play. No errors are made and can run perfectly. The researchers tested the vulnerability on multiple devices, and as long as the account holding the game landed on the device and installed the game, all users on the device could run the game. That is, players can play any game in Epic Games Store without spending money if someone is willing to share an account.

Epic商城再次曝出DRM漏洞 玩家不花钱就能玩所有游戏

This vulnerability may be related to the lack of DRM validation. In fact, this isn’t the first time Epic Mall has exposed a security breach, and after the earlier sale of Borderlands 3, players found that even if they had been refunded, they could still play as long as they didn’t delete the game files.

Epic商城再次曝出DRM漏洞 玩家不花钱就能玩所有游戏

The Epic Games Store also recently faced a class-action lawsuit against the number of thieves. In short, Epic’s road is still a long way, in the pull more developers to dominate, but also should continue to improve the Epic Games Store.

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