Apple unveils new Apple Arcade ad: “A New World to Play In”

Apple posted a brand new Apple Arcade ad on YouTube on Sunday: “A New World to Play In,” according tomedia outlet Apple Insider. Designed to highlight the service’s appeal to users of all ages and how to use it on all Apple devices worldwide.

Apple also posted a new apple Arcade ad on YouTube, following the announcement of the game’s subscription service on its website. The 68-second ad “A New World to Play In” showcases the broad appeal and availability that Apple Arcade has won. The ad describes users around the world playing games and the characters they choose from from those games. Real-life users and game characters are described as singing Dean Martin’s 1960s hit song “Welcome to My World.”

A total of seven games appeared in the ad, with the exception of Little Orpheus, all of which have additional Apple Arcade trailers on YouTube. These games are Oceanhorn 2: Knights of The Lost Realm, Skate City, Little Orpheus, What Golf, Lego Saus, Shinsekai: In the Depths and Ultimate Rivals: The Rink.