(Pictured) Google Photos trial “photo print” monthly subscription service

Google Photos is piloting the Monthly Photo Print service last September after the addition of large canvas prints and Memories features, which are good memories of the day. Google sends users auto-selected photos from the past 30 days as a way to “deliver the best memories directly to your home every month.” For $7.99 per month, you get 10 4-by-6 photos and a 1/8-inch bezel of matte white card paper.

Although automatic recommendations come mainly from Google Photos’ smart features, you can choose one of three themes to print monthly. Google says people and pets are the most popular among users. Users can edit manually before printing.

Most people and pets: Relive the good times for people and pets. Get printed and other beautiful photos containing them each month.

Mostly Landscapes: Revisit the places that impress you the most. Get your outdoor photos, city views, landscape pictures and more every month.

A little bit bit of the: mix! Mix all the good times! Send you people, landscape photos, and other photos each month.

Google uses cardboard boxes to think of it as “a perfect fit on the refrigerator, in a frame, or as a gift to an important object.” “Like Smart Display, the program adds interesting touches to images that most people don’t really experience until today. Currently, the Google Photos print subscription is classified as a “trial program” in the United States. Selected people will see the “Invite you to a monthly photo print trial” banner at the top of the Google Albums on the web.