Microsoft’s new patent suggests surface Book 3 will have superior cooling system

The upcoming Surface Book 3 is expected to be equipped with a new thermal management system that keeps cool in different situations, according to a newly announced Microsoft patent. Based on a documented overview, the cooling system is expected to be equipped in the future Surface product line, but it can also be equipped with game consoles.

Microsoft's new patent suggests surface Book 3 will have superior cooling system

In its patent, Microsoft writes that airflow guidance provides optimal thermal volume management for laptops and minimizes acoustics (mechanical waves) in the device at multiple rotating fan speeds. The company also said its new best-in-line thermal management will improve performance and increase the life expectancy of the Surface Book.

The thermal management system includes a fan and is designed to quickly blow the internal air flow outwards. The system also uses a airflow guide, which is located near the exit. The airflow guide is to guide air flow from the outlet and reduce the heat in the flagship equipment. Multiple airflow guides are used, and one airflow guide is constructed to change the rotation speed of the fan around the pivot of the axis to move between the first and second positions.

In order to effectively cool the computing device, the fan speed (e.g., increased fan speed) can be adjusted to meet the new required cooling capacity. In short, Microsoft claims that the new cooling system features better heat management in laptops and 2-in-1 laptops.