Kentucky bans Fortnite from eSports program over gun concerns

The Kentucky High School Sports Association (KHSAA) has been criticized for its decision to ban the game Fortnite from its high school e-sports program, according tomedia outlet Slash Gear. According to Julian Tackett, the association’s commissioner, the decision was made because it was a “shooting game” and should not exist in “our school.” The ban follows PlayVS’ recent announcement of a partnership with Fortnite developer Epic Games.

Kentucky bans Fortnite from eSports program over gun concerns

The role of Fortnite is tasked with destroying opponents with a variety of weapons. The weapon includes a variety of firearms, such as rifles and pistols, as well as other unusual equipment, such as role-playing games, bows, even tin cans that players can throw at each other, and snowball launchers.

Although the game involves shooting opponents, it is widely acclaimed for its cartoonish graphics and “death” – that is, it doesn’t involve any blood at all. “Fortnite” was very moderate in its grand plan for “shooting games,” which surprised Kentucky’s decision to ban it from high school. Among other things, the decision is based on the deaths of two people in a high school shooting in Kentucky in 2018.

KHSAA is one of the associations that works with PlayVS, which itself works with the National Federation of High School Associations to compete for students. The company clarified to The Washington Post that under a recent partnership with Epic Games, PlayVS will operate “a national Fortnite club alliance.”

Any high school e-sports program that chooses to compete in the Fortnite competition will be conducted in a national league that will be separated from the associations of its state. Any activities carried out by the club will not be covered by the NFHS, so it is unclear whether KHSAA has any actual powers to prohibit Kentucky schools from participating.