Microsoft brings a more native experience to Chrome’s PWA app

To help Google seamlessly integrate PWA services in Chrome, Microsoft plans to add URL Protocol Handler Register support to Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The integration will become more concise, designed to create a more engaging native experience.

Microsoft brings a more native experience to Chrome's PWA app

According to Microsoft Edge engineers, register PWA as protocol handler when they open a web app in a situation such as mailto://, ms-word., or, in Google Chrome.

For example, when you click on the YouTube Music link and its PWA app, your device will open the YouTube Music web app. Microsoft says PWA, as a protocol handler, can help you by:

App integration: If you click on the link to the slide (ms-powerpoint://deck2378465), the document will automatically open in PWA.

For example, native chat apps such as Telegram, the correct PWA is triggered if you receive a partial magnet… URL link.

When a friend shares a link to a song and clicks it (web-music/songid-1234-time-0:13), PWA starts automatically instead of opening a new tab in the browser.

Like Android, Windows 10 also supports Protocol Handler, and Microsoft has signed up for the msnews and msnnews links to open the Microsoft News application. And Office is registered to process ms-office apps and ms-getoffice.

Microsoft is also developing another feature that will allow users to run PWA when os sign in. This feature is designed to allow highly engaged PWAs (such as Outlook, chat apps) to start running when Windows 10 is launched.