Foreign media: Samsung Group’s Lee Kun-hee received a dividend of about $392 million in 2019

Beijing time on the morning of February 3, according tomedia reports, 2019 Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee received a dividend of up to 470 billion yen ($392 million), most of the dividend from Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of memory chips and smartphones, will receive a dividend of 353.8 billion won ($296 million) from Samsung Electronics, according to the Korea Institute of Research.

Media: Samsung Group's Lee Kun-hee received a dividend of about $392 million in 2019

Last year, Samsung Electronics decided to pay a cash dividend of 1,416 won per common share and 1,417 won per preferred share. Lee, who was hospitalized in 2014 for a heart attack and has been receiving treatment ever since, owns 4.18 percent of Samsung Electronics, which includes about 249 million common shares and 619,900 preferred shares.

Lee Kin-hee is 78. In 2019, Samsung Life Insurance will pay it a dividend of 110 billion won (about $92 million), and Samsung Corp. will pay 10.8 billion won (about $9 million), effectively, samsung property is the holding company that actually controls Samsung Group.

In addition, Lee Jae-yong, Mr Lee’s son and the new head of Samsung Group, will receive a dividend of 59.5bn won (about $50m) from Samsung Electronics, while Mr Lee’s wife, Hong Ra-hee, will receive 76.6bn won ($64m).

Over the past decade, Lee has received a dividend of 1.47 trillion won (about $1.2 billion) from Samsung Electronics, and the Lee family has received a total dividend of 2.02 trillion won (about $1.7 billion) from Samsung Electronics.

In 2019, South Korea’s National Pension Service also received a dividend of 886.5 billion won (about $740 million) from Samsung, the highest among shareholders. Samsung Group also has a number of foreign investors, of which BlackRock Fund Advisors receives the most dividends, and it will receive 425.3 billion won (about $356 million) in dividends from Samsung Electronics.

By the end of 2019, foreign investors controlled about 57 percent of Samsung Electronics’ shares, with Samsung Electronics’ total dividend of about 9.62 trillion won (about $8 billion) in 2019 and foreign investors accounting for 5.48 trillion won (about $4.5 billion). (Star Sea)