Samsung unveils AI speaker Galaxy Home Mini for about $570

Samsung Electronics will launch the Galaxy Home Mini, a smart home speaker, to make everyday life easier and freer. The Galaxy Home Mini features high-quality speakers from Samsung’s AI platform Bixby and Haman’s premium audio brand AKG, with music playback, information and differentiated smart home control.

Samsung unveils AI speaker Galaxy Home Mini for about $570

Samsung unveils AI speaker Galaxy Home Mini for about $570

The Galaxy Home Mini allows Bixby to freely control a variety of devices via voice commands. Two built-in microphones to support long-distance speech recognition.

In particular, the IR (infrared) remote control feature makes it as easy to control a variety of manufacturers’ ordinary household appliances as smart household appliances that use only IR sensors.

‘Galaxy Home Mini’ allows you to send, receive and send messages without connecting to your smartphone, and when connected to an external sensor, it can detect emergencies such as fires, smoke and leaks and provide quick notification. It also tells you if the device is working or when it needs to be replaced.

The Galaxy Home Mini is also equipped with AKG’s powerful 5W speakers for a live multimedia viewing experience with 360-degree surround sound.

The Galaxy Home Mini provides music listening, allowing you to seamlessly listen to music from outside and listen to music from anywhere in the home using the Multi-Room Speaker feature.

The Galaxy Home Mini will be released on February 12 and can be purchased from Samsung Electronics’ home page, National Digital Plaza, Hi-Mart and e-land. The price is 99,000 won.