How can I “invade” Google Maps with 99 smartphones to create a virtual traffic jam?

According tomedia 9to5Google, Google Maps is a very useful tool, with a large number of users around the world, thanks in large part to its excellent navigation and transportation. Recently, however, a clever idea was to “invade” Google Maps by using carts full of smartphones to create virtual traffic jams.

If you’ve ever used Google Maps in a busy, isolated area, you may encounter intersections where accidents or buildings can significantly reduce traffic. When this happens, the map changes the color of the affected road from green to orange or red to show how bad traffic is and, if the situation gets worse, it even finds another route for its users.

To find out what traffic is like, Google uses other people who use Google Maps to identify areas where traffic is busy or slow. The more people who use Google Maps in an area, the worse the number of visits it may be, so Google changes the color of the street to display that information.

Simon Weckert recently took advantage of this process by “hacking” Google Maps. To do this, he loaded 99 smartphones into a cart and turned on Google Maps to navigate. As he walked down the street, Google realized the high concentration of “users” and the slow movement of “traffic” and marked the street as traffic-poor.

Paradoxically, this will actually result in other drivers in the area using Maps being rerouted to avoid “traffic jams” caused by this otherwise harmless prank. Weckert even took the collected smartphones outside Google’s Berlin office to create a virtual traffic jam.

Use trolleys to transport 99 used smartphones to create virtual traffic jams in Google Maps. With this activity, turning a street that appears green red, this may prevent traffic jams from having an impact on the real world by navigating the car to another road.