Study finds that a particular type of music can have a beneficial effect on exercise

With the exception of some basic activities, sports are usually accompanied by music, according to slash Gear, amedia outlet. According to a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, music can not only make the mind and body happy. Researchers have found that a particular type of music has a profound effect on how the mind perceives exercise and how much benefit someone can gain during exercise.

Study finds that a particular type of music can have a beneficial effect on exercise

Although many people set fitness goals at the beginning of the new year, for some people, getting into the habit of regular exercise can be difficult. However, they have to use this energy and mental aspect to deal with discomfort.

Listening to fast-paced music may reduce this mental burden, but it also helps participants benefit by making exercise seem easier. The study found that music has the greatest benefit when it is used for endurance exercises rather than high-intensity exercises, such as fast, short bursts or weight lifting.

The study included female volunteers playing high-intensity or endurance sports while listening to rhythmic pop music. Another group performed these exercises without listening to music. Participants who listened to fast-paced music had higher heart rates than other participants, meaning they worked harder and benefited more from it, the study found. One of the biggest benefits of endurance exercise groups.

Subjectively, exercise seems to require less energy when listening to fast-paced music, which is why participants work harder. Future research may look at different music genres, sounds and even song lyrics that may affect different types of exercise to help improve fitness.