Microsoft’s ARM-based Custom Processor Surface Pro X is now available for purchase

Last month, Microsoft announced another ARM-based Surface Pro X since the surface RT series was released. Windows 10, which runs on ARM processors developed with Qualcomm, can now run 32-bit applications in simulation. Surface Pro X uses Qualcomm’s customized version of the Snapdragon 8cx chipset, called Microsoft SQ-1.

Visit Microsoft’s U.S. website to buy Surface Pro X:

Surface Pro X

微软基于ARM定制处理器的Surface Pro X现在可以购买

Microsoft says it has optimized surface hardware to clock faster than the standard 8cx and has a slightly different GPU, the Adreno 685, and the Surface Pro X, which also comes with 16GB of RAM.

Instead of sharing the same design as the Intel Pro, the Surface Pro X features a narrow bezel and a thinner case, and a fanless. Randomly built-in a new Slim Pen, which is placed in a dedicated area of Type Cover and can be accommodated and recharged.

微软基于ARM定制处理器的Surface Pro X现在可以购买

The Surface Pro X is available on the U.S. website from today, starting at $999, with 8GB of RAM and 28GB OfSD in the base version. Top versions of 16GB ram and 512GB SSDs top $1,799;

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