Tablet sales fall again after Q4 continues to lead the market

Media reported that the tablet market showed a small increase in the third quarter of last year, but this may be a coincidence, because despite the subsequent holiday shopping spree brought about a surge in sales, the number returned to a downward trend in the last quarter of the year. IDC reported a 1.5 percent decline for the whole of 2019 compared with 2018.

Tablet sales fall again after Q4 continues to lead the market

Although the decline in the fourth quarter was smaller, at 0.6%, it still indicates that the tablet market is back on a downward trajectory, especially after several of the market’s biggest players have also experienced the good times they have given.

Still, Apple topped the list, the only one of the top five tablet players to grow in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The iPad, and the iPad Pro in particular, is once again a household name in mobile tablets. Still, IDC points out that shipments of its “pure tablet” iPad are at an all-time low.

Amazon’s Fire tablet only picked up last year during the holiday shopping season. The company’s usual strategy is to use extremely inexpensive tablets as its portal for services, but that strategy may not be enough to keep such Android tablets running.

Notably, IDC distinguishes between tablets and removable computers, which are not included in its “tablet” category. But as devices develop and consumer habits change, the distinction may become less meaningful.