V-club website update recruitment information Looking for psychologists and other special talents to help game development

After years of running the Steam platform, Valve, who has developed classics such as Half Life, Portal, Survival Road and Anti-Terrorist Elite, has finally recalled his old ways. Now, its new VR book, Half Life: Alyx, is coming out, and V is hiring new talent to create new ones, but this time it’s a pretty special one.

According tomedia reports, V’s latest release shows that they plan to hire professionals in economics, statistics and psychology to help them create new content. V Society currently offers a number of vacancies in these areas, most notably the fact that they want to have a researcher with academic experience in professional psychology.

Valve says they hope to use the hiring of professionals to better understand “the motivations and influences of human behavior and the reasons and ways behind it.” “

V-club website update recruitment information Looking for psychologists and other special talents to help game development

“We believe that all game designers are experimental psychologists in some ways. Therefore, we intend to look for an experimental psychology researcher with extensive research experience and apply his expertise and methodology to game design and the way Valve operates. We hope to use these experimental design, research methods, statistics, and human behavior experiences to create a more complex play experience for Valve’s future gaming work. We also expect the right people to continue to research and participate in a variety of topics that can improve the experience for our consumers, partners, and employees. V said in the recruitment message.

Of course, V society also put forward a lot of requirements for candidates. For example, psychology researchers are required to have a degree above graduate school in psychology and five years of experimental design and research experience. The conditionalso also mentions that candidates need to study the latest hardware technology.

In addition to the psychological researcher, V plans to hire a statistician who hopes to analyze the behavior of all Valve products and predict future behavior patterns by compiling data and creating fixed statistical patterns. As for the Economist section, V hopes he can develop a “fun and rewarding experience” for the Steam platform or a game.

Overall, V has given a total of 14 job openings, including programmers with experience in the competition and two editorial positions. This shows that V society in the operating platform lying to make money after many years finally woke up, the game of their own game and the future development of new have done a very rich plan, perhaps the day of three is finally coming.