Ryzen 3000 processor price plunges 25% behind: TSMC 7nm capacity shifts to AMD

AMD launched the Ryzen 3000 series processor on July 7 last year, using the 7nm Zen2 architecture, single-core and multi-core performance can reach or exceed the Core series, so has been selling very well, 12-core, 16-core Ryzen 9 was out of stock before, but today AMD suddenly began to reduce prices.

According to reports, AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series processors began to cut prices in the U.S. market, including the Ryzen 9 3900X from $599.99 to $449.99, a 25% drop, other models have varying degrees of price reduction, the tightest Ryzen 9 The 3950X fell to $729.99 from $749.99.

The domestic market also began to reduce prices, Ryalong 9 3900X from the previous 4299 yuan to 3799 yuan, down 500 yuan, although the decline is not as obvious as the United States, but also showed sincerity, after all, this processor is also because of lack of stock constantly rising prices.

Ryzen 3000 processor price plunges 25% behind: TSMC 7nm capacity shifts to AMD

Judging from the performance of the U.S. and Chinese markets, this price cut should be the official price increase after six months, and the core reason for the price reduction is not difficult to guess, that is, AMD’s 7nm Rylong 3000 processor capacity came.

At the end of January, AMD also talked again about TSMC’s capacity, saying that contract partner TSMC had given AMD good support in the first few months of the 7nm capacity climb, and that AMD would grow significantly in 7nm in 2020.

TSMC also attaches great importance to AMD’s cooperation, which is an important cooperation for them to enter the high-performance HPC market, but in 2019 TSMC’s 7nm capacity is very tight, Apple, Huawei’s two major customers mobile processors are priority, 10 million shipments far exceed AMD, So much so that TSMC last year extended the 7nm order delivery period to six months, want to place an order in advance of half a year to book.

After 2020, Apple and Huawei’s peak shipments have passed (Q3, Q4 is the peak for smartphone shipments), and TSMC added 7nm of additional investment last year, so amdsmanship has been able to add more capacity over the past two months.

As Apple and Huawei’s high-end chips will shift to the 5nm process this year, AMD’s 7nm capacity is guaranteed by 2020, after reports that TSMC’s 7nm capacity could reach 140,000 wafers/month this year, AMD was able to win 30,000 pieces/month, accounting for 21%, surpassing Apple as TSMC’s first customer of 7nm.

In addition, amd will launch the 7nm EUV process of the Zen3 processor in the second half of this year, is also TSMC’s exclusive contract, capacity issues will not be as tight as last year.