Huawei has resumed production, Changjiang Storage and SMIC has not stopped

Huawei said it had resumed production of its products, including consumer products and carrier equipment, and that its business was operating normally. Other domestic chip makers, such as Changjiang Storage and SMIC, have also maintained or have resumed production and operations. Reuters reported today that the government has called on some factories to delay work in an effort to stem the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia in mainland China. But because of its key industries, some Chinese technology companies have resumed work and resumed production of parts and products.

Huawei said on Monday it had resumed production of products, including consumer and carrier equipment, and that business was already operating normally, Reuters reported.

The Huawei spokesman said most of the company’s resumed production is in Dongguan, Guangdong.

Huawei has resumed production, Changjiang Storage and SMIC has not stopped

In addition to Huawei, other companies have been maintaining production even during the Spring Festival, in an effort to ensure the stability of the domestic technology supply chain.

Wuhan-based domestic flash memory chip maker Changjiang Storage Technology (YMTC) confirmed on Monday that it had not stopped production.

“At the moment, YMTC’s production and operations are running normally and in a well-organized way,” a Changjiang Storage Technology spokesman said in a statement Monday. “

So far, no employees at its plant in Wuhan have been confirmed as infected, and the company has taken some quarantine measures and measures to ensure the safety of its employees, said a spokesman for Changjiang Storage Technology.

In fact, the state media has previously reported that Changjiang Storage Technology has not stopped operating during the Lunar New Year holiday.

In addition, SMIC, the country’s largest chip foundry, has maintained production operations throughout the Lunar New Year holiday.

SMIC said in a post on social media On Monday that it had organized a working group ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year to ensure the plant was able to operate while keeping employees safe and complying with government regulations.

“SMIC needs to ensure that the plant is produced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet its customers’ manufacturing needs,” the post said. “

SMIC currently has plants in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai as a competitor to Taiwan’s TSMC, the largest chip foundry.