Foxconn ‘pretty small’ due to coronavirus outbreak, but that could change

So far, Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, has had a “fairly small impact” from the outbreak of the Wuhan corona virus, Reuters reported, but the company also admitted that if the plant shuts down for a week or more, it could have a “huge” impact on the on-time delivery of its specific iPhone products.

Foxconn 'pretty small' due to coronavirus outbreak, but that could change

Foxconn has ordered it to stop “almost all” production in China until February 9, but its factories in other countries, such as Vietnam, India and Mexico, are now largely able to fill the gap, the report said.

The timing of the coronavirus outbreak could affect apple’s expected release in March of the new low-cost iPhone. Bloomberg recently reported that the device was scheduled to start production in February, but an outbreak of the coronavirus could be delayed.

Given that Apple typically buys components from multiple suppliers and Foxconn has factories outside China, even if the offer is limited, it is likely to release the lower-cost iPhone in March.

Last week, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus to be a global public health emergency, and the agency’s website provides more information about the virus and how to protect itself.