British construction workers have dug up 42 bodies, no one knows where it came from.

Construction workers in Buckinghamshire recently began clearing land for new housing developments, but in the process something surprised them – a shallow grave with 42 bodies buried on the land, according tomedia reports. There is no indication, however, that the area is a burial point.

British construction workers have dug up 42 bodies, no one knows where it came from.

To add to the creepy nature, the bones appearto to be tied together before burial, and their hands tied behind their backs.

Local news reports painted a gruesome scene in which the remains were recovered from the ground without local archaeologists or historians. In fact, the rapid removal of the bones is a major point of contention between the local scientific community and the companies that develop the land.

MKCitizen, who reported the incident, said the 42 bodies were found a few weeks ago, but no one has yet seen any reports from archaeologists. At the same time, the bones have been removed, leaving only empty graves on the ground.

No one seems to know the identity of those buried, why they were tied together, and when they were buried. In any case, the discovery must be historic.

“They can go back to the Anglo-Saxon era, when there were killings in Buckinghamshire, they were back to the Civil War, and there were casualties during the Civil War,” local councillor Robin Stuchbury told MKCitizen, “or they could have been hanged on the gallows in town.” “

It is unclear whether local scientists and archaeologists have had the opportunity to examine the remains or the site itself. But construction in the area appears to have been suspended.