Steam also has a record number of online players

According tomedia reports, Steam may come under pressure from other digital stores, particularly Epic, but the platform from Valve is still making records. On February 2nd, local time, it broke the record of 18.8 million simultaneous online users. According to Steam DB, 18,801,944 players were online at about 14:20 GMT on Sunday, February 2, breaking the record of 18,537,490 set on January 14, 2018.

What is unusual, though, is that while the number of online users has broken records at the same time, the number of in-game players is significantly lower than it was two years ago. There were 5.8 million people playing games yesterday, compared with 7 million two years ago. At the time, Jedi Survival helped Steam gain an increase in the number of players. One possible explanation for this is that many players use Steam as a social network and/or chat platform, so that the client is used by more users but is not playing the game.

While Steam’s record-breaking time is the same as the peak time for all top-tier games on the platform, it doesn’t explain why Steam breaks records.

The most popular games on Steam are Counter-Terrorism Elite: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Jedi Survival, Chiman GTA5 and Monster Hunter: The World.

Steam also has a record number of online players

Despite the challenges from the Epic Games Store, Steam has also grown recently, with clients getting updates and introducing new patches, adding online support for all local multiplayer games, and an improved library.