Mobileye and NIO reach partnership to purchase special edition models

NIO has announced a strategic partnership with Intel’s self-driving technology company Mobileye to build the L4-class self-driving model based on The U.S. second-generation vehicle platform. The Company has a close relationship with Mobileye, the world’s first mass-produced model with the Mobileye EyeQ4 chip.

Mobileye与蔚来达成合作 将采购特别版车型

This in-depth cooperation, for the passenger car market and intelligent travel services, will be built on the second generation platform of NIO L4-class self-driving intelligent electric vehicle model. Mobileye is responsible for providing mobileye EyeQ system chips and related software, and NIO is responsible for the development, integration and mass production of autonomous vehicle systems at the vehicle level.

In addition, NIO will build a special version of Mobileye dedicated to smart travel services based on self-driving production models, and Mobileye will purchase the model version in bulk to achieve its strategic layout in the area of smart travel services.

“We are proud of our tireless pursuit of innovation and cutting-edge technology, which not only enhances the competitiveness of our products, but also creates a pleasant lifestyle for Our users,” said Li Bin, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of NIO. We look forward to our strategic partnership with Mobileye, which will work together to improve vehicle safety and ride-hailing performance, and strive to achieve our vision of building the world’s first ‘user enterprise’. ”

“We are excited about the prospects and potential to work with NIOon smart electric vehicles, which is very beneficial for both users and the smart travel sector,” said Professor Amnon Shashua, Intel’s senior vice president and president and chief executive officer of Mobileye. We are committed to providing a safer traffic safety environment for China and other countries, and look forward to working with NIO to drive the transformation of intelligent transportation services around the world. “

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