4K version of waterless earth animation demonstration video

According tomedia reports, the earth is covered with water, it is a huge blue planet, where the ocean dominates its surface … But what if it’s not? What if the earth’s oceans were 100, 1000 or even 10,000 meters lower than they are now? This answer can be obtained through an animation produced by NASA. It was learned that the animation had actually been released as early as 2008, but recently scientist James O’Donoghue upgraded it to make it more HD.

4K version of waterless earth animation demonstration video

The original video resolution from NASA is only 1024 x 512, and can now reach a 4K level:

Original video please poke here

The video is simple, and when the water level in the lower right corner drops, the results are displayed on the world map in real time. At first, sea level losses of a few hundred metres seemed small, but it wasn’t long before huge ridges appeared between continents. Subsequently, the ocean became a lake of varying sizes. Eventually, when the water level dropped to 9,000 meters below sea level, the Earth was virtually waterless, and it became a bare planet.

But because of climate change, sea levels have not actually fallen but are rising. As glaciers and sea ice continue to melt at a faster rate, sea levels around the world will rise at different rates, which will put coastal areas in a bind, as a slight rise in sea levels could spell bad luck for them.