Apple partners with Sprint eBay and Samsung to buy power from Texas wind farm in U.S.

APEX Clean Energy announced today that Apple is leading a group of companies that have pledged to buy about 75 megawatts of energy from the upcoming Texas wind farm. Sprint, eBay and Samsung have all struck a deal with Apple to launch the entire 500-megawatt White Mesa wind farm project, which is scheduled to be online in early 2021.

Share-sharing energy purchases like this allow companies to pool their energy needs and work together to support large-scale renewable energy projects to the grid, and Apple brings together other technology leaders, eBay, Samsung and Sprint, to adopt the aggregation agreement. All participants can obtain cost-effective low-carbon renewable energy from new projects.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental, policy and social initiatives, said The company is proud to be able to power all of the world’s businesses with 100 percent renewable energy and drive the private sector’s transition to clean energy. Businesses of all sizes and energy needs can help bring new renewable energy sources online. The Texas cooperation agreement is a model that we hope other countries will follow.

Apple has been aggressively pushing for renewable energy, not only shifting its business to 100% renewable energy, but also urging its suppliers to do the same. Just a few weeks ago, Apple announced that it had partnered with ten suppliers to invest in three wind farms in China.

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