More than 11,000 scientists declare humans facing a climate emergency

A coalition of international scientists and researchers has warned that humanity will suffer greatly unless we significantly improve efforts to protect the planet. The warning, published Tuesday in the journal Biological Sciences, summarizes many scientific studies over the past 40 years and notes that the Planet will undoubtedly face a “climate emergency.”

“Together, we announced a climate emergency because climate change is worse than scientists expected and is accelerating at a faster rate,” said Bill Ripper, a professor of ecology at Oregon State University and co-author of Warning. We have little time left to act. Bill Ripper also issued a warning to humans in 2017, with the signatures of more than 15,000 scientists detailing the destruction of the natural environment and urging change.

Tuesday’s latest warning focused on the climate crisis and compiled annual data on population growth, declining forest cover, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption over the past 40 years, showing worrying trends. The document also provides six interrelated steps that can mitigate some of the impact of emergencies and thus require significant changes in the way societies operate.

The six steps include the implementation of large-scale energy efficiency practices and a shift to low-carbon renewable energy. Reduce emissions of climate pollutants such as methane, black carbon and HFCs. Restore ecosystems on coral reefs, forests, grasslands and more while preventing habitat and biodiversity loss. Reduce consumption of animal products and eat more plant-based foods. From GDP growth to maintaining ecosystems and improving human well-being. Stabilize and reduce the world’s population within the framework of ensuring social integrity.


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