Failed by forgetting to update security certificates Microsoft’s own co-working software

Microsoft’s co-working software Team was in a state of downs and downs monday morning as microsoft forgot to update an important security certificate,media reported. Media said it was an embarrassing mistake made by Microsoft on its push for office software, especially after the company recently started producing its own TV ads for Team APP.

Failed by forgetting to update security certificates Microsoft's own co-working software

It is reported that Microsoft’s office software Team is an enterprise-oriented communications platform, providing chat, video conferencing, file storage, etc., but also a competitor to co-working start-up Slack, while Team users tried to log on to the service on Monday morning encountered error messages, the application pointed out, It failed to establish an HTTPS connection to Microsoft’s servers.

According to the company’s Twitter account, the tool was shut down for about three hours after Microsoft investigated and updated the key certificate. By noon EST monday, the service was already available to most users.

“We have determined that the authentication certificate has expired, causing a problem with the user using the service,” Microsoft said. We are developing a fix to apply a new certificate to the service, which will fix the downtime. Further updates can be found under the ADA’s TM202916. “