Meet New Life Facebook COO Sandberg announces engagement

Facebook Coo Shirley Sandberg announced Monday local time that she is engaged to Tom Bernthal, co-founder and CEO of strategy consulting firm Kelton Global, according tomedia reports. Sandberg’s late husband, SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg, died five years ago at the age of 47 after complications from a heart attack.

Meet New Life Facebook COO Sandberg announces engagement

Sandberg shared a black-and-white photo of herself and her fiance gazing at each other on Instagram and Facebook, writing, “Getting engaged! ! Tom Bernthal, you’re everything to me. “

Bernthal and Sandberg were led by Sandberg’s late husband and brother Rob Goldberg, according to the source. Bernthal, 46, reportedly proposed to 50-year-old Sandberg after a picnic at Vermejo Park Ranch on the border between New Mexico and Colorado on Saturday, where it is understood the pair first dated. After the divorce, Bernthal had three children, while Sandberg had two. According to People magazine, Bernthal had five small diamonds in his engagement ring, representing the five children of the two.

A source close to the situation told People magazine: ‘Tom and Shirley have a strong belief in the same thing, especially family and charity. “

But Sandberg did not say when they would get married.