Samsung Galaxy Fold II Orthodox sequel expected to go on sale later this year

There have been numerous reports that Samsung will soon launch its second folding-screen smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, with a flip-flop design next week, but there is little thunder and rain on news of the orthodox renewal of the first-generation Galaxy Fold. The good news is that The Galaxy Club has just said that a device codenamed Win2 is under development, and that she may well be the legendary Galaxy Fold 2. Because the first Galaxy Fold code name is called “Winner.”

Samsung Galaxy Fold II Orthodox sequel expected to go on sale later this year

(Image via Slash Gear)

To hide the true information about the device, manufacturers often use a variety of code names, such as Google likes to use fish to represent. Samsung’s code name, by contrast, is much more straightforward.

The original Galaxy Fold was called The Winner, and the flip-top design of the Galaxy Z Flip folding screen smartphone was Bloom. With similar naming rules, Win2 should be Galaxy Fold 2 (5G version is called Win2 5G).

If the explosion is true, the new device, codenamed Win2, is expected to achieve a number of bug fixes and improvements based on the Galaxy Fold.

Of course, the Win2 may not be the only folding-screen smartphone Samsung plans to plan this year. The company had previously said it would focus on high-end and collapsible devices this year and expects shipments of millions.

Whether this wish will come true depends on whether the quality of the Galaxy Z Flip will attract keen attention in the consumer market.