Windows 10 November 2019 is on the way For new feature inventory

Microsoft is expected to officially launch the Windows 10 November 2019 (v1909) feature update on November 12 ( The Patch Tuesday Event Day) in November, and is now available to a growing number of Insider members. As of November 5, the latest preview of November 2019 is Build 18363.449, but may not be the final version. It may be a higher version before it is officially delivered to the user.

Windows 10 November 2019 (Version 1909)

Microsoft has officially finalized the name of the feature update in its official blog and confirmed that the final version number is Build 18363.418. 19H2 does nuns less than 19H1, and even the cumulative update packages received by both versions are the same. Even so, Windows 10 Version 1909 brings some improvements, let’s take a look at it.

[图]Windows 10 November 2019已在路上 新功能盘点

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First, Windows 10 Version 1909 brings more improvements to the notification feature. For novices, the New Manage Notifications link has been introduced in Action Center, which makes it easy to jump to the notification settings interface with a click.

[图]Windows 10 November 2019已在路上 新功能盘点

To change notification settings for a specific app, you can also click the new button to go directly in.

You can also make other changes on the notification settings page. For example, novices can easily turn off the tone of message notifications with the newly added global settings without having to disable notifications completely or mute them one by one.

[图]Windows 10 November 2019已在路上 新功能盘点

Second, the Sender List for message notifications is now now up-to-date to make it easier for users to find and set them up. Click to enter the settings for each app and you’ll see some new images that represent notifications and slogans in the Action Center.

[图]Windows 10 November 2019已在路上 新功能盘点

Third, Microsoft has also introduced improvements to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in the desktop environment. Now you can quickly create a new calendar event with the calendar pop-up button in the system taskbar without having to open the app body.

[图]Windows 10 November 2019已在路上 新功能盘点

In the Start menu, you can expand the list by hovering over any options on the sidebar for a long time, such as the power menu, showing the text of each option.

The Windows Search-based file manager’s search features are also more useful, helping to integrate OneDrive content into search results.

There have also been some changes in the lock screen background, where users can use voice-activated third-party assistants at the top of the lock screen to support Amazon’s Alexa in the future. (Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa have had similar collaborations early on)

[图]Windows 10 November 2019已在路上 新功能盘点

Finally, there are messy summaries, such as Windows 10 Version 1909, which increase battery life and overall energy efficiency on some processor platforms, allowing workloads to reach higher frequencies on some of the CPU’s “common cores.”

In addition, Microsoft has brought some fixes to the Windows container. Hosts and containers were previously required to use the same version, but are now down-compatible. In terms of accessibility, Narrator and other assistive technologies already know if the Fn function key is activated.

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