UK aviation vows to achieve ‘net zero emissions’ of carbon dioxide by 2050

According tomedia reports, the British aviation industry has committed to achieve carbon dioxide by 2050 “net zero emissions.” Clean engines, clean fuels and tree planting will all help, according to the industry group Sustainable Aviation. Members of Sustainable Airlines are reported to include Heathrow, British Airways, easyJet, Airbus and Air Traffic Services, Nats.

The plan means that even if the number of passengers is expected to increase by 70 per cent in the future, aviation companies can still reduce carbon emissions to zero. It is reported that the current aviation industry annual carbon emissions of 30 million tons, and will continue to grow.

Alex Cruz, chief executive of British Airways, told the BBC: “We will have to do this through a number of plans. “Biofuels are a greener alternative, and we are interested in that. Biofuels, he acknowledges, still produce carbon dioxide and are more expensive.

BA will also phase out old aircraft, which it plans to phase out of by 2024.

UK aviation vows to achieve 'net zero emissions' of carbon dioxide by 2050

But some environmentalists argue that the only way to reduce airline pollution is to reduce the number of flights and cancel the construction of new airports and runways. “We need to limit flights,” said Muna Suleiman of Friends of the Earth. “

In June 2019, the UK government amended the Climate Change Act to formally set the UK’s target of “net zero emissions” of greenhouse gases by 2050.

Matt Gorman, a member of the Sustainable Aviation Council, said: “Aviation is also one of the more difficult sectors in the decarbonization sector, but we are absolutely confident that we can do this” and “we have to do that”.