Google’s Pixel 4 Series sales are poor: Alphabet admits hardware revenue sliding

On February 4th Alphabet, Google’s parent company, reported its fourth-quarter results for the year ended. Google did not mention the performance of its hardware business in its earnings report, and Alphabet executives were vague about the figures, acknowledging only that sales revenue from the hardware business had fallen.

Google's Pixel 4 Series sales are poor: Alphabet admits hardware revenue sliding

Alphabet Chief Executive Sandal Pichai said on a conference call that Google Mini Nest and Nest Hub Max holiday sales were doing well, and the Pixel 3a series sold well last year, but did not disclose the exact sales of the Pixel 4.

‘We continue to focus on delivering a great user experience and expanding our sales market,’ Sandal Pichai said of the Pixel 4.

Media Android Authority pointed out that Alphabet’s silence on the Pixel 4’s sales suggests that sales of the Pixel 4 series are not as good as expected.

Android Authority said poor sales of the Pixel 4 series were expected, with the phone having a mixed reputation since its launch.

While the Pixel 4 XL has a top-of-the-line 2K plus AMOLED, SnapDragon 855 chip, excellent camera and sound quality, the drawbacks are just as obvious. The poor face recognition experience (closing your eyes unlock your phone) and 64GB of poor storage (high version 6 plus 128) are all short boards that the Pixel 4 XL can’t avoid.

As for the Pixel 4, not only does it inherit the short board of the Pixel 4 XL above, but the 2800mAh battery makes battery life a hard hit, and it’s clear that Google can do better.