TIOBE November List: C, Swift, Go, D and Rust Ups and Downs

TIOBE published the November programming language rankings. First, C is now very close to Java, with a 0.2% gap in the post-Java index, and C is expected to be in first place again by the end of the year;

TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

There are some interesting things to watch in the top 20 this month:

TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

The top 10 positions have been changing, with SQL finalists two months ago, Objective-C last month, and Swift in the top 10 this month, with a 0.4% gap with the ruby index, which is not small in the range of positions, and s estimates S Wift can remain in the top 10 for at least the next few months.

On the other hand, Ruby’s growth this month is not to be underestimated, with it currently ranked 11th, but it was ranked 16th in the same period last year and you can see two green rising arrows on the list. So it’s hard to say about next month’s 10th place fight.

There are also several languages that are also of interest in the 20, starting with Go’s drop from 10th to 20th place last year, with an index of 0.853 per cent, and then it can be seen that the languages of Groovy and D, which appear to be more niche, have increased significantly from 25th to 14th place, and D From 23 to 18.

In addition to 20, Rust’s ranking rose from 34 to 25 in a month, a record high. This is certainly related to the strong news that giants such as Microsoft and AWS are publicly supporting Rust, and if positive news about Rust continues, it should soon be in the top 20.

Next up, look at the ranking after 20:


TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

The 51-100 thwise, listed only in text (alphabetical) due to the small numerical differences between them:

4th Dimension/4D, ABC, Alice, Apex, Arc, Awk, bc, Bourne Shell, CL (OS/400), Clipper, Clojure, Common Lisp, Crystal, CT, C url, Elixir, Erlang, Forth, Hack, Icon, Inform, Io, J, Ladder Logic, LiveCode, Maple, Mercury, Monkey, MQL4, NATURAL, Open CL, OpenEdge ABL, Oz, PL/I, PowerShell, Programming Without Coding Technology, Pure Data, Q, S, Snap!, SPARK, Standard ML, Tex, Vala/Genie, Verilog, VHDL, WebAssembly, X10, XC, Z Shell

Other relevant data:

TOP 10 Programming Language TIOBE Index Trend (2002-2019)

TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

Historical Rankings (1988-2019/every 5 years)

The following rankings depend on the 12-month average:

TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

Programming Language Hall of Fame

The winners of the previous “Programming Language of the Year” awards are shown in the following image, and the award is awarded to the highest-rated programming language of the year:

TIOBE 11 月榜单:C、Swift、Go、D 与 Rust 起起伏伏

The TIOBE Programming Community Index, an indicator of the popularity of programming languages, is updated monthly and is based on the number of global technical engineers, courses, and third-party vendors. Popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu are all used for index calculations. Here:https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/programming-languages-definition/.

It’s worth noting that the TIOBE index doesn’t represent a good or bad language, and developers can use it to check if their programming skills need to be updated or to make a choice about a language when starting to build new software.

Detailed list information can be found on the TIOBE website.

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