A leak on a former Youtube channel in India has been burning for three days.

According tomedia reports, recently, India’s Assam Bondi Brugal district of the Bridichen River fire, from the scene of the video can also be seen, the burning river smoke billowing, the fire is too large to be accessible. According to local media reports, the fire was caused by an explosion caused by a leak on the Youtube Channel.

And from the picture can also be seen, although there is a lot of river water in the river, but still can not stop the fire. It can also be seen from the picture that the fire is floating above the river. It is reported that the fire has been burning for three days, but fortunately no casualties.

A leak on a former Youtube channel in India has been burning for three days.

However, on 3 February, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) of India and the National Disaster Response Force (SDRF) in North Akand, India, made a different view. They said there had been an oil spill, but the fire was ignited by illegals, not an explosion.

In addition, they said, the rock youtube below the river was leaked, and then the oil on the river was ignited, setting off a fire. The fire is now under control and the leaking pipeline is closed and is being transported through another pipeline.

Seeing such a sight, many friends will be surprised that the crude oil will catch fire on the river. The main reason is that because the density of crude oil is lower than water, crude oil in the bottom of the water after the leakage, will continue to flow out, and then float on the surface of the water.

When the crude oil was ignited, the fire continued to burn for several days because the water surface was calmer and did not have a flame retardant effect on the burning crude oil.