Tesla plans to launch carpooling app ahead of time and use its own insurance service

Before fully autonomous driving, Tesla plans to pioneer a ride-sharing app, and drivers will be included in Tesla’s own driver insurance service. For years, Tesla has said it will launch a ride-sharing app supported by its self-driving system. But last year, CEO Elon Musk said he was open to launching the app before it was fully autonomous.

Tesla plans to launch carpooling app ahead of time and use its own insurance service

In a conference call for Tesla’s fourth-quarter 2019 results last week, Musk reiterated his plan to launch a ride-sharing app with human drivers instead of a fully autonomous driving system.

“I think it makes sense to launch a carpooling app before launching a fleet of robotic taxis, because the ride-sharing app can be done before regulators approve fully autonomous driving,” Musk said at the time. Therefore, we may do so. “

Last year, Tesla launched its own insurance service in California. Tesla promised at the time that its vehicles would be 20 percent cheaper, or even 30 percent, less expensive than other insurers’ products. But the service was launched by Tesla in partnership with insurance companies, and now Tesla is ready to launch its own insurance service independently from scratch.

In response, Musk said he believes Tesla owners who participate in its insurance plan will receive a bigger discount on autopilot. He also believes that the information Tesla has about its shared fleet of vehicles and drivers gives it a greater advantage over other insurers.

In addition, Tesla does not offer a timetable for expanding its insurance services outside of California, nor does it provide a timetable for launching its ride-sharing app.