ThirdEye X2 Mixed Reality Glasses: Allegedly the smallest of its kind

If you’re going to wear “smart” glasses for a long time, it’s best to be lightweight and unobtrusive, according to foreign media. ThirdEye’s newly released X2 glasses may meet this requirement because they are called the world’s smallest mixed reality (MR) glasses.

ThirdEye X2混合现实眼镜:据称是同类产品中最小

X2 glasses are known to provide augmented reality (AR) capabilities so that virtual objects or text that is overlaid on the user’s real-world view are anchored at specific points in the real world.

Although the X2 weighs only 9.8 ounces (278 grams), it has many features: including thermal sensors and ambient light sensors, a searchlight, two grayscale cameras, a 13-megapixel RGB camera, a three-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer and a compass. Noise reduction microphones and a dedicated SLAM (Synchronous Positioning and Mapping) system.

ThirdEye X2混合现实眼镜:据称是同类产品中最小

The wearer can watch the real and virtual world through a 720p/60fps stereoscopic perspective display, and the display headcover provides a 42-degree view — which is said to be equivalent to viewing a 90-inch HD screen from 10 feet (3 meters) away.

The glasses run the Android 8.1 system, a Dragon xR1 Qualcomm processor, and can also communicate wirelessly with a computer or other device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, with a battery capacity of 1750mAh and run for up to two hours at a time when fully charged.

ThirdEye X2混合现实眼镜:据称是同类产品中最小

According to the company that developed the product, The App Store of ThirdEye already has hundreds of apps available for users to download, and more will be available in the future through other development partners.

ThirdEye, which promoted the X2 glasses at the VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver last weekend, has now accepted a reservation for $1,950.

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