DJI’s new agricultural drone T20 released: the use of omnidirectional barrier-avoidance radar, active valve control system

On November 5th,  DJI Agriculture 2020 was held in Shenzhen on the theme of “Heroes Everywhere”. DJI  Agriculture released the new Plant Protection drone T20, Sowing System 2.0, and related service guarantees at the event.

According to official information, the release of the plant protection unmanned aircraft T20, the use of omnidirectional barrier-avoidance radar and active valve control system, improved precision spraying module and overall structure, its load increased to 20L, the flow rate of 6L/min, the operating spray of 7 meters, the measured operational efficiency of about 180 mu / hour. In terms of price, it is:

The price of a single machine is 29999 yuan;

The base package with 2 electric 1 charges is $3999;

The all-around suit with 4 electric 1 charges costs $45999;

Both packages include Care Plan 2.0, RTK services, and more.


In order to improve operational safety, the Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft T20 is equipped with the industry’s first omnidirectional barrier-avoidance radar, which can be 360-degree omnidirectional lying, and can follow and automatically wind around the terrain, as well as all-weather operation, in addition to the real-time SLAM algorithm.

It is understood that plant protection unmanned aircraft T20 using point cloud imaging, the resolution is doubled from the previous generation, in addition to 360 degrees of perceived farmland obstacles and automatically winding around the barrier, but also to achieve fixed high operation. Its radar operation is not affected by ambient light and dust, with real-time image monitoring system and night searchlights, so that flying hands can easily ensure the safety of all-weather operation of equipment.

In order to ensure the safety of the application, the Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft T20 has been improved in the precision spraying module: 8 nozzles, 4 pumps, 4 channel flow meter design, spraying flow up to 6 L/min; Lei Feng network learned that plant protection unmanned aircraft T20 equipped with the industry’s first active valve control system, can support a higher dynamic flow range, accurate point spray control, to ensure that the liquid spray millisecond-level start and stop, do not drip, but also automatic exhaust.

After optimizing the nozzle arrangement and wind field, the uniformity of the Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft T20 spray edging droplets is increased by more than 20%, with an effective spray of up to 7 meters.

At the launch of the new products, Chen Wei, director of agricultural sales in Daji, said: “The effective spraying of the national standard is 15 droplets per square centimeter, T20 uses the layout of the left and right double nozzles, the spray distribution is more uniform.” “

In terms of overall structure, the Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft T20 has increased its strength by 30%, reduced maintenance difficulty by 30%, and ensured that 80% of the damage can be repaired quickly in half an hour. In addition, the Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft T20 comes standard with dual IMU, dual barometer, GNSS-RTK dual redundancy system, providing stable monitoring capabilities for complex work environments.


It is understood that plant protection unmanned aircraft T20 avionics board, electric transfer and other core modules of the protection level of IP67, so that plant protection machine after the operation can be directly washed, convenient cleaning.

According to official information, the PlantCare Unmanned Plane T20 is equipped with a new smart battery with a more costly chemical system, 3.5C charging 9C discharge capacity, 50% reduction in heat generation, 10 degrees lower temperature rise, and a temperature tolerance of up to 55 to 60 degrees. This ensures that the battery can be recharged on the ground, without the need for additional cooling.

The new battery is accompanied by a 4-channel 2600W charger, which is 25 acres in fast charging mode for 15 minutes. The Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft T20 has a modular design, with batteries and 20L operating boxes supporting quick plug-in and replacement in just ten seconds. The folding space footprint is reduced by 75%, the reception is more friendly, and one person can handle it.

In order to cooperate with the use of plant protection unmanned aircraft T20, Daji also launched a smart remote control 2.0. The interface of the smart remote control has been simplified, with a doubling of battery life and a 50% increase in CPU computing power.

With a 5.5-inch high-gloss screen, it doubles in battery life and improves performance by 50%. The remote also adds RTK’s high-precision positioning module, helping flyers achieve centimetre accuracy with ease when planning their farmlandwith with the remote control.

In addition to hardware, Daji has also introduced smart agricultural solutions. Smart agricultural solutions include the formation of real-time prescription diagrams, plant protection unmanned aircraft T20 shooting farmland, according to the actual crop growth situation will be issued real-time prescription map, automatic identification of spray areas, prescription map guide variable spraying.


In addition to the Plant Protection Unmanned Aircraft T20, DJI Daji Agriculture has also released Sowing System 2.0 and Care Plan 2.0. According to official information,

Sow System 2.0. It has a 20-litre capacity, 15kg/min and 7m of air. The sowing system also supports quick changes, which can be assembled on the T20 in just 3 minutes to handle a wide range of job needs.

Care Plan 2.0. The three-person liability insurance containing 300,000 yuan can be used to pay for the third-person loss caused by the plant protection machine, the flight hand insurance of 300,000, can be used to pay for the personal loss caused by the operator’s plant protection machine, and the machine loss insurance of 30,000 yuan, no spare parts, can provide comprehensive protection for the overall loss.

In addition, according to official data disclosure, to date, the number of licensed fliers in Daji has exceeded 30,000, the daji plant protection aircraft into the market more than 40,000. In 2019, china’s large area of plant protection and flight prevention area accumulated 230 million mu, the global cumulative operation reached 500 million mu. At its peak, the number of single-day plant protection machines on-line operations exceeded 10,000 units, with a maximum single-day operating area of 3,400,000 mu.

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