Summary of information currently known about the iPhone SE 2

“One iPhone a year” used to be the concept of how often Apple phones are updated, but to meet market segment demand, Apple began to offer multiple products in the iPhone 5s (in 2013), and in recent years three more, and this year, it is said to have four iPhones in total: spring. Cheap phone “iPhone SE 2 generation, fall three iPhone 12 series.

At present, a lot of information about this so-called cheap phone has been exposed, we understand together.

Looks like iPhone 8

Perhaps the slightly disappointing aspect of the iPhone SE 2 is its design. Instead of continuing the iPhone X shape, the phone looks like the iPhone 8, with a touch ID fingerprint sensor and no facial recognition. Of course, many people actually miss fingerprinting and think it’s more convenient than Face ID.

Summary of information currently known about the iPhone SE 2iPhone 8的外形

The relatively small body of 4.7 inches makes it a portable device in the current pile of flagship phones, making it easy to use with one hand. It will also come with a glass back that supports wireless charging. In fact, these and fingerprint identification, although they are old-fashioned things, but there are people miss.

Yesterday someone made a rendering concept that described what the iPhone SE 2 would look like when these elements were assembled together, and this video is doing pretty well and interested to see.

The display is still LCD material

The iPhone SE 2 will use a 4.7-inch screen, a size that many Apple products use, and is modest in size, which is now a small screen product.

Compared to the previous, it is expected to improve some brightness and color accuracy, but will still be LCD rather than OLED material, the resolution will still be 1334×750 pixels, pixel density is 326PPI, the same as the iPhone 11. The legendary 120Hz high refresh rate should not be on a cheap phone.

Summary of information currently known about the iPhone SE 2屏幕跟iPhone 8(左二)一样

Previously, there was news that the phone screen border will be narrower, or the Touch ID fingerprint recognition and power keys integrated together, we think not, Apple on this phone has no reason to totos.

Single camera

The iPhone SE 2 will use the same 12-megapixel main camera as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series, but don’t think too much about it, it won’t have a two-lens or three-lens flagship. We think Apple will give it a good quality main lens, but other aspects are more stingy, one is not to let it steal the iPhone 11, and the other is that the dual lens means that the design and development of the phone than before have a big change, the price is difficult to come down.

Biometric device: Touch ID Regression

As mentioned above, Touch ID will be Apple’s biometric technology for the iPhone SE 2, and FaceID will not. Fingerprints, previously popular hardware, will return in 2020. Another point is that the iPhone SE 2 will use the same A13 chipset as the iPhone 11 series, which has the same computing power as the flagship phone. But the RAM will be reduced to 3GB (the iPhone 11 series is 4GB), the single camera and low-resolution screen will not be so demanding on the processor, the A13 will mean that the combination will still be one of the fastest phones, but also the 2020 flagship Android phone next to the higher product.

As for networking, the iPhone SE 2 won’t have 5G, which Apple will keep until its flagship in September.

The release date is probably in the spring.

There’s no news yet of the release of the iPhone SE 2, but it’s widely believed that it will arrive in the first quarter (January-March), which means it won’t have to wait too long. While we think Apple will still hold a small launch in March, there are many who believe that there will be no offline launch, And Apple will only quietly update it on its official website.

Bloomberg has previously revealed that the iPhone SE 2 will begin mass production in February and go on sale in March. The price is around $500 (about 3,500 yuan without tax), but it may be a question of whether Foxconn will be able to start normally on schedule due to the coronavirus.

Take a summary.

Whether you call it the iPhone SE 2 generation or the iPhone 9, the number of ways this phone will be the same as the previous iPhone SE generation, is an old product “re-engraved” to do, using the previous mature product shape can save a lot of open-mode costs, and Touch ID, 4.7-inch body these although the parameters are old, But the core keeps the flagship at a level. The A13’s computing power plus iOS 13 optimization ensures it won’t lose money in the face of Android Flagship, and is a good choice for those with a small budget and a small iPhone.