Google launches Android Auto with phone screen

Android Auto has undergone a major transformation over the past few months. At the I/O Developerconference, for example, Google announced an update to The Assistant Driving Mode. In addition, a spokesman confirmed that the new experience will replace Android Auto’s default phone interface. There are signs that users are about to say goodbye to the Android Auto feature on their phone’s screen. But a new google announcement offers us a glimmer of hope.

谷歌推出Android Auto手机荧幕版

(Instagram via Android Police)

Google explains on its support page that Android Auto is now built into Android 10, so there is no need for a separate app. All you need to do is connect the device to the car and it’s ready to go.

In the coming weeks, Google will release a standalone app called Android Auto for Phone Screens in the Play Store. You can download the app to continue using the ‘Android Auto Mobile Screen Edition’.

Foreign media speculated that the app was just a shortcut to the upcoming “driving mode”, just as Google Podcasts was a shortcut to the Podcast feature inside a regular Google app.

Yet this idea contradicts the words ‘Android Auto Phone Screen’. The latest news is that the app is officially available in the Play Store (Portal) and interested friends can download it.

Foreign media outlet The Verge reported that Google had confirmed to it that the app was just a transition. After all, Android Auto has successfully moved to the inside of Android 10 to take over the experience on your phone in assistant mode.

Note that the app is currently available only on some Android 10 devices and supports a shortcut to the system’s built-in functionality.

If the app doesn’t apply to the device you’re currently using, consider manually downloading and installing it from a third-party APK mirror site. Then create the following shortcut for the Android Auto activity with a launcher such as Activity Manager or Nova Launcher:

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