Pixel 4 XL Durability Test: Body Strength Not Enough To Break Out Four Serious Cracks

In the latest durability tests, Google’s new flagship Phone, the Pixel 4, is relatively brittle and prone to break slots. Jerry Rig Things, a well-known YouTube digital channel, has seen four more serious cracks in the bend test, even though the screen and back glass survived.

[视频]Pixel 4 XL耐用性测试:机身强度不够 掰出四处严重裂缝

“It’s not easy to bend the Pixel 4 XL from the back,” he says in the video. The phone screen is strong in structure and the frame is not twisted or cracked. But from the front of the bend mobile phone, there is a very serious crack. “The first crack appears on the side of the phone, which is the bottom of the square camera, above the white power button.

In the video he continues: “After the extra bending, there was another crack in the phone. This time appears on the side of the SIM card. After continuing to bend, you notice two cracks in the frame at the bottom of the phone. “The video shows that the cracks are due to the location of Google’s antennas: paint on the Pixel 4 XL frame is covered with plastic antenna lines, causing the cracks around the phone to be weak.

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