Google Fiber announces cut off traditional TV service: old subscribers unaffected

Google Fiber, the Alphabet Access division, has announced that it will no longer offer traditional TV packages with news, sports, premium channels and local channels, according tomedia reports. Currently, Fbier program subscribers, including television, will not see their existing services modified or changed, but new users will not have the right to choose to sign up for IPTV content in the future.

Google Fiber announces cut off traditional TV service: old subscribers unaffected

“As a gigabit Internet company, when we get back to where we started, we’re ready to challenge the status quo and finally come forward and say that today’s customers no longer need traditional television. The best TV is already on the Internet. We want to help you in the way that best suits your budget and your own viewing preferences. We’re happy to help everyone explore other options and get their favorite shows in the way they watch TV today — offering virtually unlimited options and controlling online viewing over the Internet,” Fbier wrote in a blog post.

It is reported that Fiber recently struck a partnership with YouTube to allow users to sign up for YouTube TV services while signing up for Google Fiber. That may be one reason for YouTube TV’s success in 2019, when it had more than 2 million subscribers. This week, Fiber ended its partnership with FuboTV, a popular streaming service focused on major sporting events.

In addition, according to The Washington Post, Fiber executive Milo Medin told users in 2014 that the cost of getting video content is the biggest obstacle to Fiber’s efforts to expand. Google is reported to be paying twice as much for video rights as more established service providers, in part because it lacks comparable vertical integration and traditional transactions.

“Now, Fbier’s new customers have at least two options, and they can choose how to get live and on-demand programming that they know and love.” When you have a smooth, stable network connection, it’s possible and easy to put all your TV shows online,” Fiber continued. What you want is not a package but more flexibility. “

Fiber TV includes more than 150 HD channels and some standard definition channels such as HBO, ESPN, Comedy Central and Disney. It also comes with a set-top box that lets users browse content, rent movies on-demand, and rent movies through on-screen guides, and record shows to local DVRs. A remote streaming feature called “TV Everywhere” allows users to watch certain channels when they are not at home, and a companion app for Android and iOS devices can be used as a remote control.

The aforementioned DVR can store 2TB of data — the equivalent of 500 hours of HD programming, while recording up to eight shows. In addition, it can store personal files such as photos, music, and home videos, and then use a dedicated app menu to view or play them from any connected TV.

Google announced it would no longer offer 100Mbps broadband to new Fiber users before announcing the cancellation of the traditional TV package. Since December, Fbier has provided gigabit (1000 mMbps) services in only 18 of its regions to date.