Musk hints at Tesla to build super plant in Texas

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted on social media on social media that he would build a superfactory plant in Texas, according tomedia reports. Musk’s comments on social media were brief, with only a few words, “Giga Texas?” “Texas Super Factory?”

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Musk hints at Tesla to build super plant in Texas

Playing mysterious, stoic is Musk’s usual trick. Musk did the same before the launch of the electric pickup Cybertruck, which, after a while revealing a bit of news, was a source of appetite.

Tesla’s first superfactory outside the U.S. mainland, the Shanghai Super factory, has been built. Tesla’s German Super plant has also begun to move forward.

Tesla also has two super factories in the U.S., SuperPlant 1 in Nevada and SuperPlant 2 in New York.

Tesla shares rose 13.73 percent to $887.06 at Tuesday’s close, with an intraday high of $968.99. The turnover rate was 33.81 percent, with a turnover of 55.268 billion yuan. Tesla’s total market value is about $159.888 billion.