Tesla China delivery delayed by outbreak: plan in place

On February 4th, some users tweeted questions about whether Tesla would delay new car deliveries because of the outbreak. In response, Tesla’s global vice president, Dolin, responded on Twitter: “It is indicating that delivery, scheduled for February after the Spring Festival, will be put on hold due to the outbreak and plans are being worked out.” “

Tesla China delivery delayed by outbreak: plan in place

It is understood that the domestic Tesla Model 3 was officially delivered on January 7. At the same time, Tesla is also interested in increasing the price advantage of the domestic Model 3 in response to a fierce domestic market. At present, the domestic Model 3 after the subsidy price has been reduced to 299.05 million yuan, successfully entered 300,000 yuan.

On February 3rd, the Ningde Times announced that it intended to sign an agreement with Tesla to supply lithium-ion power edi-battery products to Tesla, subject to tesla’s subsequent specific purchase order.

As one of the most important costs of electric vehicles, the domestic Model 3 is expected to continue to reduce prices after the use of domestic batteries.

“At present, the localization rate of parts at Tesla’s Shanghai plant is about 30%, and it is planned to increase to 70%-80% by July 2020,” Song Gang, head of manufacturing at Tesla’s Shanghai plant, told the media. “It is clear that as the localization rate of the domestic Model 3 parts increases, there will be further room for further exploration of the price.