Apple Mac will abandon Intel and start switching to ARM chips next year

On November 6th, according to foreign media reports, Apple’s Mac series is now using Intel processors, but that is said to be about to change, and Apple will begin the transition to self-designed ARM-architecture chips from next year.

传苹果Mac将抛弃英特尔 明年开始转向ARM芯片

Why abandon Intel

Currently, all of Apple’s Mac products use Intel’s x86 chip, while its iPhone and iPad use its own ARM-architecture A-series chips.

Intel chips use CISC (complex instruction set architecture), while ARM chips use RISC (thin instruction set computing system). RISC instructions are smaller and simpler than CISC instructions, which means that ARM processors require less power and are more efficient at performing computational tasks.

Historically, ARM chips have not been powerful because x86 chips are designed for more computationally powerful desktop computers, while ARM chips are better suited for low-power applications such as mobile devices. ARM has always focused on power consumption, and Intel is committed to maximizing performance.

传苹果Mac将抛弃英特尔 明年开始转向ARM芯片

Apple’s Mac series has been using Intel chips since 2006. Apple’s use of Intel technology is bound to be affected by Intel chip release schedules and chip latency.

Over the past few years, Intel has seen several chip delays, which have undoubtedly affected Apple’s product plans. If it turns to home-made chips, Apple can release updates as planned, as well as make more frequent technology upgrades.

Apple’s iPhones and iPads use ARM-based A-series chips that become faster and more efficient each year. In fact, Apple’s latest A12 and A13 chips are faster than many Of Intel’s corresponding chips.

As Apple reduces the speed gap between ARM and x86 chips, there is no reason why many of Apple’s laptops, even desktops, should not use ARM chips. By then, it would be natural for Apple to abandon standard Intel chips.

传苹果Mac将抛弃英特尔 明年开始转向ARM芯片

Apple’s A-Series chipsets also include custom GPUs, Secure Enclave, memory and storage controllers, machine learning processors, image signal processing, custom encryption, all of which can be applied to Mac processors.

What are the benefits of using ARM chips?

The introduction of ARM chips on Mac computers, which increase efficiency and battery life without sacrificing speed, may also reduce the size of some internal components, making the device smaller.

For example, a MacBook with an ARM architecture chip might not require a fan, like an iPad. Apple’s iPad also has a superior battery life, which the Mac series can enjoy.

Apple employees are rumoured to be working on a project called Kalamata to make the iPhone, iPad and Mac more seamless.

One aspect of the program involves new custom Mac chips. Like the chips currently used on the iPhone and iPad, the custom Mac chip was designed by Apple itself.

Apple is said to be planning a transition to its own ARM architecture chip starting in 2020, but the transition period could take some time. (Tianmen Mountain)

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