Fortune magazine: AMD is one of the “world’s most respected companies”

On February 5th AMD announced that it had been named one of fortune-named “world’s most respected companies” by Fortune magazine for its innovation, quality and leadership in semiconductors. AMD is currently ranked fourth in the semiconductor industry, up five places from 9th in the previous industry, according to Fortune.

Looking back at AMD 2019, rye processorquietly updated to 7nm Zen 2 architecture, 7nm full penetration into the server EPYC Dragon, Desktop Ryzen, Desktop HEDT thread tearer and even semi-custom SoC (Sony PS5, Microsoft Xbox Series X game console) and other fields, Mobile and desktop APUs are set to appear this year, and even have taken a share lead in the local market.

In addition, AMD’s revenue and profitability have improved significantly thanks to the launch of the Ryzen processor. AMD’s two-year revenue rose 50 percent in the two-year period to $340 million, a net loss of $340 million, and its financial level improved significantly. That’s why AMD is back in the Fortune 500, ranking 460th.